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Bread is universal.  It represents family and comfort, fortune and blessings.  It’s the art of peasants and princes alike, enjoyed no less by one than the other.  It’s as old as grain itself and may be the answer to our quest for world peace.  Breaking bread with your neighbor is sure to break judgment and hostilities, too.

To celebrate the gift of bread and neighborly love, I’m taking up the art of bread making.  I’ll bake breads from around the world whose histories are as interesting as the grains they are made of, as different as the festivals they accompany.  Generations of people, spanning every continent, climate, religion, and era have enjoyed bread alongside family and friends celebrating seasons, births, rights of passage, and blessings.  One could say that bread is, simply, common to the human experience.  And, who wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty in such a powerful dough?