What’s in your Log of Nano-Choices?

If transforming your body feels good all the time, you’re not doing it right. If it’s a simple chitty-chitty-bang-bang here and a chitty-chitty-bang-bang there, then you’re transforming something different than the rest of us! If it were easy the rewards wouldn’t be so sweet, so prized.

Since transformation is an act of the spirit, it happens in the moments when seemingly nominal decisions are added to the life altering Log of Nano-Choices. They are quick decisions: To chow down on the entire bar of chocolate infused with chili (yum!) or to have just one square, to guzzle the rest of the water in your glass before leaving the restaurant table or leave it behind, to smile at a stranger or ignore their presence in yours, to wear your retainer every night or only once in a blue moon. Over time, make the same decision over and over again and you get transformation, decades of repeated behaviors that became habits, patterns, and results stacked on top of each other, compressed into what we know as character, attitude, community, health, and straight teeth or crooked ones!

Imagine how much more water your kidneys would have seen in your lifetime if you never left the restaurant table until your glass was empty.  Gallons, I’m sure! Imagine what people would say about your disposition if you smiled directly at ten more people — even strangers — every day.  It adds up, kids. The nano-decisions we make add up and before you know it, you’ve been doing something for years, decades even. Physically speaking, our bodies keep an accurate record of all the nano-choices we make.

Consider for a moment the number of nano-choices we make each day. Probably hundreds for each big decision. I suspect that when we take great care of the nano-decisions, the big stuff takes care of itself.

Today, I woke up feeling pretty miserable. Sore throat, achy muscles, hot ears, and a headache were my Monday welcome committee. Typically, I would press through the pain, work like a maniac all day and night, just to fall into bed feeling worse than I did hours before. But, not today.

Today, I made a few better quality nano-choices than I’ve made in the past.  I drank nearly a gallon of water and quit working by 6:30pm (early for this time of year). I decided to do my workout even though I don’t feel very well and not to waste even one lift by using the light weights. I topped the day off with a great victory:  I juiced greens and a few fruits for dinner, Jack LaLanne style.

It feels good to make better quality choices with a more focused mind and inspired spirit because that’s where transformation happens…on the inside. It happens every time a decision is added to the Log of Nano-Decisions.

What did you add to your Log of Nano-Decisions today that will be compressed tomorrow into your character, attitude, community, health, and strength?

*Nano refers to one-billionth of something…in other words really small.



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