I’ve heard about the “Seven Wonders of the World” all my life. I am positive that there are more than seven wonders in our universe. It is a safe bet that which of the wonders comprise the Seven is the subject of hot debate among those who have the time and ego to argue over … More Wonder


On Monday last week, my house phone rang around 4pm. It was Johnny, who is a brother to me in my soul. He didn’t send a text to find out if I would pick up the phone. He didn’t schedule an appointment to visit. He just called, while standing on the sidewalk in front of … More Ritchie


Dropping off handwritten letters at the post office, each written with care and sealed with melted wax—the old-fashioned way. This is one of my favorite things to do. Mine is the heart of “the girl back home.” The one that waits loyally, intently for her sailor to return from faraway foreign shores. Whose top closet … More Letters